The Salomon Music Academy is an inspiring piano course developed to help pianists of all levels take their playing to greater heights through its Teaching Strategies, notably Music Phenomenology. Pascal Salomon’s experience in the studio and on stage has been crucial to the development of this unique piano course.

The goal here is not just to make another piano course. It’s rather to teach things you can effectively apply to real-world situations, to give you concrete tools, skills, knowledge, and vocabulary that translate into a greater expression on the piano, no matter what you’re playing.

Novice pianists, intermediate-level and skilled pianists seeking to get an advanced level of expression on the Piano can take full advantage of this course. The teaching can adjust to anyone playing popular, contemporary, or worship music, and wanting to play at a more professional level; however, there is a focus on classical music. Singer-songwriters and musicians at all levels will find this course very helpful as it cuts out any jargon or time-wasting learning things that won’t help make you a better player.


A. Technique conceived as the physical relationship with the instrument:

1. body relaxation

2. digital independence and strength

3. use of the natural weight

4. modeling of the sound (use the “adherence technique” with fingertips)


B. Musicality:
1. How do we understand the musical discourse
2. How do we build phrases and then the larger structure of a piece
3. Relationship with the sound as vector of expression

C. Historical and stylistic context
D. Personal context

A. Identify what areas need specific focus

B. Searching for the adequate sound: searching which movements and physical postures allow us to produce the sound qualities that the music requires.

C. Selecting the appropriate repertoire in regard to the musical and/or technical purpose.

D. Practicing strategies: tailored advices on how to be efficient.

A. In person lessons: to be determined according to the locations and the availabilities (monthly, quarterly, yearly…)

B. Online regular lessons: weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, etc.)

WIPAC 2019 Masterclass in Washington DC- Synergy with the participants

Creating awareness of the fingertips strength combined with the arm relaxation.



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